Using Link and Serato DJ

  • Live Versions: 9.6 and above
  • Operating System: All

Serato now includes Link in their free program Serato DJ. This allows you to easily sync the two programs so they both play back in the same tempo.

Setting up Serato DJ for use with Link

Please note that on Windows machines, Link requires that you use ASIO audio drivers.  Non-ASIO drivers are not supported.

To use Serato DJ and Live together, make sure you have connected a Serato-compatible midi controller or audio interface connected to the computer.  Only then does the Link button show up in the upper left-hand side of Serato DJ's window.

To sync the programs, simply make sure that the Link button is turned on in both programs. 

The Link button in Serato DJ:

To turn on Link in Live, first ensure the Link toggle is showing:

Then, turn Link on: 

If both programs are running on the same computer, they will sync automatically.  If the programs are running on different computers, make sure that both computers are connected to the same network.

Having trouble syncing multiple computers via Link?  Check our troubleshooting page for help.

Serato also has a help and set-up section for Link.