Push 2 will not start and just displays the Logo

  • Live Versions: Live 9.5 and later
  • Operating System: ALL

If after starting Live Push 2 keeps displaying only the logo and nothing else appears on screen, something is preventing the Push 2 Control Surface script to launch. Here is a list of the most common reasons which might cause this behaviour:

Live is not up to date

Push requires at least Live 9.5 in order to work.

A USB connection can not be established with the computer

Unplug the AC adapter, to make sure that Push 2 is able to receive power from the computer.

This is a good way to assess if the USB cable is properly inserted, and functioning correctly.

If Push 2 powers up without the AC adapter, it is safe to assume that the USB data transmission is also working.

A problematic setting in Live’s MIDI preferences prevents the Push 2 to work as a Control Surface

While Push 2 is able to auto configure once Live started, manually changing the MIDI preferences settings might cause the device not to initialize properly anymore.

Make sure only one instance of Push 2 is selected in the Control Surface menus.

Make sure that Push 2 Control Surface is setup using the Push 2 Live port. Using a different MIDI one, such as the User port (Port 2 on Windows) will prevent the Control Surface from working properly.

If in doubt, open the Live Preferences-->Link/MIDI and reset all the Control Surfaces menus to “None”: Then, turn Push 2 off and on again and wait for the device to auto configure.

An outdated Operating System or outdated graphics driver might prevent the Push Display Process to launch

The Push 2 display process is in charge of performing the rendering of graphics which will be sent to the actual hardware device via USB.

If the Operating System or the Graphics Drivers are not up to date, the technology which is used by the Display Process might not be supported, therefore no communication can happen between the computer and the Push display.

If none of the above helps, and either the Push 2 ports do not show up in Live at all, or the display still shows only the Logo even after the device has successfully auto-configured, please refer to the following resources for further troubleshooting, on Windows and OSX respectively:

Setting up Push 2: WIN

Setting up Push 2: OSX