Using Live on High-DPI Monitors (Windows)

  • Live Versions: 9-10
  • Operating System: Windows

Live's GUI may appear blurry or out-of-focus on Windows systems using high-resolution monitors.

This happens when the Windows Zoom settings are set to anything other than 100% (Windows 7) or something other than “Smaller” (Windows 10, 8)

Live 10

Live 10 has High-DPI support for Windows 10 computers. Make sure to enable the HiDPI mode preference: Look/Feel → Enable HiDPI mode.

Live 9

In order to resolve this issue on Live 9:

  • right-click on the Live shortcut in the Start Menu and choose "Preferences" from the list.
  • go to “Compatibility”.
  • tick “Disable display scaling on high-DPI settings”.
  • "Apply" these settings.


Note: Plug-in GUI windows will appear small when using this method.