With Live 9.1, I cannot open a Live Set that was created with Live 9.2

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: ALL

In Live 9.2, a new Audio Effect was added, the Tuner.


Because of how this new device affects the structure of an Ableton Live Set, Sets containing Tuner cannot be opened anymore with Live 9.1.

In order to open this set in Live 9.1, it will be necessary to open them with Live 9.2 first, then remove the Tuner and save the sets a new time.

If it is not possible to install Live 9.2 on your computer (for example, because you are running an Operating System which is not supported anymore), please send over the Live Set to Ableton Support. The Tuner device will be removed and the Live Set will be sent back to you.