How to set up the Roland A-PRO keyboard for use with Live?

  • Live Versions: Live 9.2
  • Operating System: All

Live comes with an Ableton Live Control Map for the Roland A-PRO keyboard. In order to use the Roland A-PRO Remote Script, you will need to install this Control Map on the keyboard once.

To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Start Live
  2. Connect the Roland A-PRO keyboard
  3. Open Live’s Preferences from the Live menu (OSX) or the Options menu (Windows).
  4. Open the MIDI/Sync tab
  5. Make sure that “Roland A PRO” is selected as “Control Surface”, “A-PRO (A-PRO 2)” is selected as Input and “A-PRO” is selected as Output, all on one line.
  6. Click the “Dump” button to the right-hand side of that row. 
  7. When asked to make sure that the MIDI controller is set to receive preset dumps, click “OK”.
  8. On the A-PRO keyboard itself, select Control Map 19 - it should now be called “Ableton Live”.
  9. That’s it - you’re done!