Exporting Sets from a Korg Electribe

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

Some Korg Electribe models can export your music as an Ableton Live Set (.als) file. Find out over at Korg which specific Electribes support this feature.

You can export a pattern from your Electribe to an SD card. When you do this, the Korg-specific files, an Ableton Live Project consisting of the Live Set and necessary audio files, are automatically created.

  • In the Electribe's Common Section, press the Menu/Enter button.
  • Use the Cursor buttons and the Menu/Enter button to select the Data Utility menu.
  • Here, use the Cursor buttons and the Menu/Enter button again to select the Export Audio menu.
  • Using the Value knob, select Ableton Live Set as the type.
  • Press Menu/Enter once again to start the export process.

For more details about the export, please refer to Korg's online resources and the Electribe manual.

Once the export is finished, just take the SD card over to your computer, access it via the Explorer or the Finder to find your Project.

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