What do I get when exporting a Live Set from a Korg product? How do I use this in Live?

  • Live Versions: 9.1 and later
  • Operating System: ALL

From Korg products that support this feature, you can export your music to an Ableton Live Set (.als) format, to be able to open and further edit it with Ableton Live 9. The Set will contain audio stems saved as audio clips in Live's Session View. MIDI data is not exported.

Exporting will get you an Ableton Live Project folder. This folder contains one or two actual Ableton Live Set (.als) files, which can be opened with Live, as well as the necessary audio files referenced by the Sets.


If the session on your Korg product contains up to 8 tracks, you will find one related Ableton Live Set (.als) in the exported Project folder, which you can open with any Live 9 version, including Live 9 Lite.

If the session on your Korg product contains more than 8 tracks, you will instead find two related Ableton Live Set (.als) files in the exported Project folder:

  • One Live Set containing all the tracks. This Set can be opened with Live 9 Intro, Live 9 Standard and Live 9 Suite.
  • One Live Set containing the first 8 tracks of the session, so it can be opened with Live 9 Lite (this Set has Live-Lite added to the file name).

In any case, all exported audio samples are stored within the Project. So even if you can only open the 8-track version of your exported session, you can use all of the audio files in the Project by importing them as additional clips into Live 9 Lite.


Korg products that support this feature


Electribe & Electribe Sampler