Control Surfaces stopped working after automatic update

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: All

This is related to the usage of third-party or modified Remote Scripts. Ableton generally does not recommend to change or modify the content of the MIDI Remote Scripts folder for the following of reasons:

  • Due to constant improvements of the Control Surfaces framework, third-party or modified Remote Scripts might not work anymore after an automatic update of Live.
  • If modified or third-party Scripts are installed in MIDI Remote Script folders that have the same name as our natively supported Scripts, this may prevent even the latter from working.

If you decide to install modified or third-party Scripts nevertheless, you should store them in folders with unique names, to make sure the natively supported Remote Scripts are always working. It could also be helpful to make a backup copy of the Remote Scripts folder before adding any custom/modified scripts to be able to restore it should problems occur.

If the custom/third-party Scripts don't work anymore after an automatic Live update, you’ll need to contact the respective third-party Script developer to provide you with an updated version of their Script.

If anything goes wrong after a Live update, you can always manually reinstall Live to go back to the default state.

If the custom/third-party Scripts stopped working after a manual update of Live, and this updated doesn't contain any technical changes in the Control Surfaces framework, a simple reinstallation of the Scripts might help already.