Live is slow to start or launch

  • Live Versions: 8 - 9
  • Operating System: All

A slow start of Live might be happening for different reasons. In Live 9 such problems are often caused by a huge browser database. On Mac there is another prominent problem which causes Live to hang while launching. This issue happens in combination with corrupted or incompatible MIDI drivers.

Huge Database

The browser database contains location information and meta-data about files and folders of Live's library and packs, as well as content added to PLACES.

The main factor resulting in a huge database is the number of files, which are listed in the database.

In general we recommend that you avoid adding entire drives to PLACES. Please only add dedicated folders, containing media files to PLACES.

Incompatible MIDI Drivers on Mac

Certain incompatible MIDI drivers can cause Live to to hang on startup and/or take a long time to launch. More information on these issues can be found in these dedicated articles:

Live hangs while launching on OSX

No MIDI ports available in Live after upgrading the Mac OS


In case the solutions above have no effect on the launching time of Live, please contact Ableton support and send us a Live Status Report for investigation.