Live is slow to start or hangs on launch

  • Live Versions: 8 - 9
  • Operating System: All

There are various reasons that Live may be slow to launch or hang entirely while launching. We've documented the most common reasons below and their solutions.

If Live is crashing on launch instead, please see our main article: Troubleshooting Crashes of Live.

Large Database (Win/Mac)

The browser database contains location information and meta-data about files and folders of Live's library and packs, as well as content added to Places. If there is a very large amount of files in the folders added to Places, then this could result in a slow launch time. We recommend that you avoid adding entire drives to Places. Please add discrete folders only, containing Live-readable content (media files, live specific files) to Places. In order to remove existing folders from Places, right click the folder and select "Remove from sidebar". More information in our article: Adding and managing content in Places.

Incompatible MIDI Drivers (Mac)

The most prominent MIDI problem on OSX is caused by a Digidesign MIDI driver which is not fully compatible with later versions of OSX and causes all MIDI applications to hang while trying to initialize this driver. The system's Audio-MIDI-Setup is for example also affected (/Applications/Utilities/). The solution is detailed on our dedicated article: Live hangs while launching due to outdated MIDI drivers.

"Company support Dir not found" Error message (Mac)

This error message can be shown due to incompatible MIDI drivers (as above) or audio driver issues. See our dedicated article for solutions: "Company Support Dir not found" (Mac)

"Error reading [File Path]/Preferences.cfg." Error Message (Win/Mac)

This error message occurs when trying to launch Live. The solution is detailed in our dedicated article: "Error reading [File Path]/Preferences.cfg."

Nothing worked?

In case the solutions above have no effect on the launching time of Live, please contact Ableton support and send us a Live Status Report for investigation.