Manual installation of a Live update

  • Live Versions: 8.3 - 9
  • Operating System: All

If you have Live installed on your computer and have automatic updates disabled, you can install the latest Live update manually.


Log in to your User Account, then select the Live version and the operating system from the drop down menus.

Live 9 Download.png



Move your currently installed Live application bundle to the trash. You will most likely find this bundle inside your Applications folder.

When the download of the Live dmg is complete, double-click on that file and a mounted disk named 'Ableton Live' will appear on your desktop and open automatically.


As shown, drag the Ableton Live application into the Applications folder at the root of your Mac OS X drive. After this, you can unmount the dmg file by pressing the eject button in the Finder sidebar.


Once the disk image has been unmounted you can drag the dmg file to the trash as well. 

To launch your updated Live version, open the Applications folder and double-click the Ableton Live application. 


Please unpack the downloaded zip file by right-clicking on it.


Choose "Extract All..." from the drop down menu and launch the Setup.msi file by double clicking it once the file has been unpacked. The program will guide you through the steps necessary to install the Live update and replace your older version - just select the replace installation option when the .msi installer asks you to.

Once the installation has completed, click on the Windows Start menu where you'll find the Live shortcut.

Starting Live

There you go with your latest Live version. There's no need to take care of anything else. Once started, your updated Live version will be authorized and will have taken over your custom preferences and your content, such as Factory Packs or your User Library.