Push 1: Accessing more features through the Shift button

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Getting to know the Push 1 features a little deeper can improve your workflow and reduce the need to reach for the mouse. This is a collection of functionalities enabled by the Shift button, categorized by areas.


When browsing for Devices or Effects with Push 1, hold [Shift] and press the Up or Down State Control Buttons (right below the Push 1 display) to move by a whole page.

State buttons.png

Hold [Shift] while pressing [Add Effect] to insert an Instrument or Effect to the left of the currently-selected Device.

This can be useful in order to add a MIDI Effect Device in a Track where an instrument already exists: first select the Instrument in a Track using the respective State Control button, then hold [Shift] while pressing [Add Effect].

This solution is also helpful for adding an instrument in a Track where audio effects already exist, for example if case that such audio effects have been saved in a default MIDI track.

Drum Racks

If a Drum Rack contains more than 16 sounds, hold [Shift] and use the Touch Strip or the [Octave Up]/[Octave Down] buttons to move up or down by single rows of pads. Without pressing [Shift], the same controls will let you move up/down by 16 pads.

Scales Mode

While in Scales mode, hold [Shift] to access a number of additional Note Layout options.

Scale Modes.png

For a detailed explanation of these options, refer to the dedicated section in Push 1's manual.

Note Mode / Melodic Step Sequencer

The [Octave Up]/[Octave Down] buttons shift the range of available notes of one octave. Hold [Shift] to move a single semitone when pressing the [Octave Up]/[Octave Down] button (or the Touch Strip in Melodic Step Sequencer mode).


Whenever an automation exists for a certain parameter, touching the respective knob overrides it, and the re-enable automation button lights up in Live. Holding [Shift] and pressing the [Automation] button re-enables the automation.

Session Mode

Hold [Shift] while in Session Mode and the pad grid zooms out to reveal an overview of your Session View. Pressing the Push 1 pads will then let you move by blocks of 8x8 slots.

It is also possible to just hold [Shift] and press the up or down arrow button on Push 1 to move 8 scenes up or down.

When a project contains several tracks, hold [Shift] and press the left or right arrow buttons to move by 8 tracks left/right at a time.

Finally, you can hold [Shift] and press [Stop] button to stop all clips according to the Global Quantization setting.

Clip Workflow

When Clip Workflow is active, [Duplicate] creates a new scene and duplicates the currently-selected Clip. Holding [Shift] and pressing [Duplicate] creates a new scene containing all the currently-playing scenes.


Holding [Shift] while turning an encoder will let you adjust the respective parameter with a finer resolution.

Hold [Shift] and tweak the Master Knob to adjust the Pre-Cue Volume.

[Shift] in combination with the Tempo Knob changes the BPM of 0.1 increments.

While Live is not playing, hold [Shift] and press [Play] to return the transport to 1.1.1 without starting playback.

Holding [Shift] and press [Undo] to Redo.

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