Change the Live version that is opened when double clicking a Live Set on Mac

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: OS X


When having more than one Live version installed on a Mac, there might be a need to determine which version of Live is opened by default when double clicking a Live Set file.

To keep it simple, we generally recommend  to have only one Live version installed. But a common reason to have two Live versions installed is for example when testing a beta version of Live, or also when having the 32-bit and 64-bit version installed next to each other to ensure compatibility with legacy 3rd party plug-ins.


How to permanently associate one single Live Set file with a certain Live version

To make sure that a particular Live Set file is always opened with the same Live version when being double clicked, please do the following:

  • In Finder, navigate to the Project Folder where the Live Set is stored.
  • With the mouse select the Live Set file and press the key combination [cmd][I] on your computer keyboard to open the file Info window.
  • Click the little triangle in front of "Open with:" and select the desired Live version from the drop-down menu.


  • Note: clicking "Change All..." will most likely not have the desired effect. For further information please check out the Additional Information section.

General recommendations

The best way to make sure that the correct Live version is launched, is by opening the Live application directly, rather than double clicking a Live Set file.

To have different Live versions quickly accessible, it's a good idea to keep them into the Dock. To do this, navigate to the installation location of Live. Select the Live application and drag it into the Dock at the bottom of the screen.

Additional Information

How the system decides which version of Live is opened by default when double clicking an .als file

Normally, the system opens a file with the latest available application version installed. This information is not taken from the change date of the application but from the version information in the info.plist file inside the application bundle. This info is stored in a special database of the operating system and updated when starting a (new) version for the first time.

Why associating one file with a particular version of Live works, but applying this to all files fails

It seems that associating one single file to a certain version of Live creates a hard coded link between this file and the according application in the aforementioned database.

Applying this to all files, switches back to the default mechanism where always the latest version is used. It seems that it's not supported to associate (all) files with an older version of basically identical applications.