QuickTime: When and how is it utilized by Live

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

The 32-bit version of Live uses Apple QuickTime to decode when importing compressed audio and video files, as well as when rendering exported video files.

On Mac computers QuickTime is pre-installed and can't be removed or reinstalled. To make sure that QuickTime is up to date, please use the system's software update functionality.

On Windows computers QuickTime is not installed by default. In case QuickTime isn't installed, to encode compressed audio files, Live utilizes Microsoft's DirectShow, which is pre-installed on Windows computers.

For performance reasons we recommend to install QuickTime on Windows when working with compressed audio files or video in Live.

The 64-bit version of Live does not utilize QuickTime. When running a 64-bit version of Live installing QuickTime is not required. On Windows machines it might be necessary to install 3rd party codecs when importing compressed audio files or video files into Live, as well as exporting video.

If importing compressed audio files doesn't work on your machine, please take a look into the article Why Can't I Import Compressed Audio Files Into Live?