"The selected Max application could not be loaded. A 64-bit version is probably required."

  • Live Versions: 8 - 9
  • Operating System: Mac

Live presents the following error message when trying to load a Max for Live device:

  • "The selected Max application could not be loaded. A 64-bit version is probably required."
  • "The selected Max application could not be loaded. A 32-bit version is probably required."Max Application Error

This error message can occur for two different reasons.

  1. If the Ableton Live Installer .dmg is still mounted during the Max for Live installation this could be occurring because incorrect preference settings are installed
  2. If you have just upgraded to High Sierra, this could be occurring because certain frameworks have not been copied automatically

Please follow the respective instructions to resolve the issue, depending on the root cause.

Ableton Live installer is still mounted while installing Max for Live:

You'll need to uninstall Max, reset it and then re-install it.

  1. Close Live
  2. Uninstall Max completely, making sure to remove the local preference files as described
  3. Eject the Ableton Live installer .dmg (Trash the installer from the desktop or press the eject button on the Finder side panel)
  4. Install Max for Live again
  5. Launch Live
  6. Go to Preferences → File/Folder
  7. Point Live to the folder where Max is installed (/Applications/Max.app)
  8. Try opening a Max for Live device

Issue occurs only after upgrading to High Sierra (10.13)

In case the Live installer was not mounted during installation of Max for Live and you've just upgraded to High Sierra, you'll need to manually copy a folder into the Live application.

  1. Make sure Live 9.7.4 64-bit and Max 7.3.4 are installed in your Applications folder and are not running
  2. In the Applications folder in Finder, right click on the Max application and select Show Package Contents
    ​ Screen_Shot_2017-10-05_at_14.42.28.png
  3. Copy the Frameworks folder contained in Contents
  4. Open a new Finder window to the Applications folder
  5. Right click on the Live application and select Show Package Contents
  6. Place the Frameworks folder that you copied to the Contents folder of the Live application as shown here
  7. Then launch Live and load any Max for Live device
  8. You will be prompted to enter your password and then all subsequent Max for Live devices should work correctly

Note: This particular 10.13 issue should only be temporary. We're working on addressing it in an upcoming update.

In case the above steps do not resolve the issue, please contact support and include a status report.