Push 2: Focus for Nested Drum Racks

  • Live Versions: 9, 10
  • Operating System: All

In Live, it is possible to use Drum Racks within Drum Racks to create custom routings.


The "Kit-Electrify" Drum Rack contains nested Drum Racks

When playing these kind of Drum Racks on Push, having the Auto Select buttons mis-configured can cause Push's drum pads to become "stuck" (i.e. pressing a pad won't select that sound).


If Auto Select is not properly configured, playing a sound won't select it

In the example of the Kit-Electrify Drum Rack, disabling Auto Select for the 2nd Drum Rack fixes the issue.


Turning off Auto Select for the middle Drum Rack fixes the issue

Read more about Auto Select and Drum Racks here.