Push 1 certain notes in the Melodic Step Sequencer not visible

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When using Push's Melodic Step Sequencer, if you choose the In Key scales option, the sequencer will display only pitches available in the current scale.

This means that if you have created a MIDI Clip containing notes that are not part of the currently selected scale, they will not be shown in the sequencer.


A MIDI Clip in C Major


The same Clip with Scales option set to C Minor (note the "missing" Pitches)

To show these notes so that you can edit them via the Melodic Step Sequencer, you should revert to the scale the Clip was composed in, or switch the Scales option to "Chromatic".

In Chromatic mode, all notes are shown. Notes that are in the selected scale are lightly shaded, whereas notes not contained in the scale are unlit.


Use the Chromatic Scales option to see all the notes

To help with navigation, the LEDs on the Touchstrip will light up to show in what register notes are present.


LEDs on the Touchstrip indicate present notes

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