Troubleshooting ReWire issues

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

Support for ReWire was ended by the developer in 2020 and ReWire is not available in Live 11.

While ReWire may still be visible in Live 10 and earlier, we cannot guarantee that it will work as normal since the technology is no longer updated.

Common Issues:

Error Messages when using ReWire:

DAW Specific Issues:

The ReWire Device application fails to start as ReWire Device

In Live, no action needs to be taken to enable ReWire: just launch Live and then the audio application you wish to use as ReWire Device should automatically ReWire itself to Live. If it doesn't work, please check the manual for the ReWire Device application.

Live fails to start as ReWire Device

This could be happening for one of the following reasons:

  • ReWire Host and ReWire Device are not running at the same bit depth. ReWire will only work if both applications are in 32-bit or 64-bit mode.
  • Live has not yet run as standalone once. This is necessary to install its own ReWire engine. Launching Live as standalone is required also each time you switch between different Live versions (between 32-bit and 64-bit, or between Live 8 and Live 9 for example). Close the ReWire Host and restart Live. Once the application has started, you can close it again and launch the ReWire Host. At this point, launching Live next should start it as ReWire Device.
  • The Host requires you to activate the ReWire engine before launching the ReWire Device application. This is the case for Cubase, Logic X, Reaper and Pro Tools.
  • Neither programs are run in Administrator mode. For Windows users, both the ReWire Host and ReWire Device may need to be run in administrator mode to successfully ReWire. To launch a program as Administrator, please see this guide. For Mac users, Live may also request admin privileges when first trying to configure the ReWire engine, as access to the system configuration is temporarily required. Simply enter the admin password when Live asks you to do so. 

Live quits after 30 minutes when using ReWire

If you're using the Live Trial, ReWire Device functionality is limited to 30 minutes of use for every Live run. If you're not using the Trial version, then Live (or your other ReWire DAW) may not be properly authorized. Please check and authorize Live or your other DAW again.

Error Messages while using ReWire

"The ReWire Host Application has detected a different version of Live than the last one used. Please quit both the current ReWire Host application and Live, and then launch Live once as a standalone application so that it can install its ReWire engine."

Usually following the instructions in the message are enough but in case that still doesn't work, you need to simply reset Rewire.

"Live has detected another active ReWire Host application. No ReWire Device applications will be available for use with Live unless you quit the current ReWire Host application and restart Live"

Close all other ReWire enabled applications, including Live. Check if there are multiple versions of Live running. In case you can't find which applications are causing it, restart your computer. Then launch one instance of Live.

"An error has occurred while opening the ReWire system"- (Mac 10.9 & 10.10)

Live fails to install the file "ReWire.bundle" into the local library of a Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or 10.10 Yosemite system, when admin rights are required to access this folder.

To manually solve this issue, make sure Live has full read and write access to the ReWire folder in the local library. To do this, please follow the steps outlined below:

1. In Finder navigate to this location:

Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software/ReWire/

Note: "Macintosh HD/Library/" is the local library on top level of the system hard drive. There is a second library located in the user folder, which is hidden by default on current Mac systems. The library in the user folder is not relevant for this procedure.

2. Select the folder "ReWire" by left-clicking on it with the mouse.
3. Press [cmd][I] on your computer keyboard to open the Info window.
4. In the lower part of this window you will find the Sharing & Permissions pane.


Info Window ReWire Folder (local library)

Note: the list of the Sharing & Permissions pane might look different depending on which ReWire application created this folder initially. We don't need to be worried about that at the moment. Just follow the next steps to fix the error shown by Live.

5. Click on the lock symbol at the bottom of this window, in case the lock is closed. You will be asked to enter your admin password. Enter it and confirm it by pressing Enter on the computer keyboard.


Sharing & Permissions Pane Lock

6. Now, please click the "+" symbol to add a user to the Sharing & Permissions pane.


Add User to the Sharing & Permissions Pane

7. Select your user from the appearing window.


Add User to the Sharing & Permissions Pane

8. After being added to the list, make sure it has read & write access.


Note: in case your user is already in that list, you don't need to add it again. Just make sure it has read & write access.

Now, start Live again.

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and before are not affected by this issue. The same goes for 10.11 El Capitan and after.

"Detected problems with ReWire Host application. Live will not behave correctly" (Mac)

If you try to run Live as a ReWire Device to Logic, the problem may be a sample rate mismatch between Logic and Live. As a workaround, please try the steps below to let Live know the correct sample rate:

  • Open Logic
  • Load your song in Logic
  • Set the desired sample rate in Logic
  • Press Play and then press Stop in Logic
  • Start Live

Detected problems with ReWire Host application. Live will not behave correctly" (Win)

When trying to run Live as a ReWire Device to Cubase, the error can be solved by disabling "Release ASIO driver in background" option in Cubase (not checked).

"The installed ReWire version is too old for this implementation" (Mac)

When starting Live the following error message is shown: "The installed ReWire version is too old for this implementation. No ReWire Devices will be available."

A third-party ReWire application is not compatible with the current ReWire version installed on the system. In most cases it seems to be either Melodyne Single Track or Waves.

Updating or uninstalling the third-party application should solve the problem.

DAW specific issues

Live does not appear as ReWire Device in Pro Tools

This may be happening because Live was installed after Pro Tools. Pro Tools only scans for Rewire instruments after its initial installation. In order to make Live (or any other ReWire application installed after Pro Tools) appear in Pro Tools, you'll need to force it to rescan for these ReWire instruments:

In case deleting the "InstalledAAXPlugIns" file did not solve the issue:

  • Check if "DigiRewire" has been wrapped by using Novation's Automap.
  • If so, remove the file "DigiRewire (Automap).dpm" from Pro Tools' plug-in folder - or use Automap to remove the wrapper.

Finally, in case neither of the above solutions worked, un-install and re-install Pro Tools.

Live does not work as ReWire Device with Logic 7

Check Logic's audio preferences and disable (uncheck) the option for “Release Audio in Background if Stopped.” This applies to Logic versions up to Logic 7.

Live can't be ReWired to Hosts when they use DAE

DAE is the abbreviated form of Digidesign Audio Engine. This is the driver software used to access TDM hardware, including use of on-board DSP chips, in Logic Pro and other DAW's. It's currently not possible to run Live as a ReWire Device if the Host application is using DAE because it has a different behavior under DAE which can't be recognized by Live. 

Live freezes when ReWired to Cubase

In Cubase, the setting for the ASIO driver “Release Driver when Application is in Background” is activated. In Cubase, under Devices → Device Setup → VST Audio System, deactivate the setting “Release Driver when Application is in Background”.

No sound from Reason when running it as ReWire Device to Live

If there is no sound from Reason when running it as ReWire Device to Live or if it doesn't appear as an option in the track and the only options are "None" or "Mixer", you need to do the following: look at the Input Type chooser in Live to select Reason; make this visible by selecting In/Out from the View menu. You were probably looking at the Device chooser, which is for automating controls in Live. Also be sure that you have switched monitoring to In for the track. To learn how to use Live and Reason together, please see this ReWire tutorial.

Live doesn't work as ReWire Device with Digital Performer

Make sure to use an Aux track in Digital Performer to enable ReWire and that you are launching Digital Performer first. Please refer to Motu's ReWire tutorial for further information.

Loud 'buzz' when running Live as ReWire Device to Logic or Digital Performer

When using a pre-roll, or start a sequence before measure one, Live emits a loud buzz before measure one. There currently is not a fix other than not using a pre-roll or not starting the sequence before measure one.

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