Troubleshooting ReWire issues

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: All

If you wish to use Live as a ReWire slave, first launch the application which is going to be the ReWire Master. For instructions on how to use ReWire with the most common DAWs, please refer to our main ReWire article.

Should you have issues ReWiring Live and another application, please continue reading below to find out how to solve the issue.

Live fails to start as a ReWire Slave

  • The most common reason for Live failing to start in ReWire Slave mode would be that Host and Slave are not running at the same bit depth.

ReWire will only work if both audio applications run either in 32-bit or 64-bit.

  • A second reason for this behavior might be that Live has not yet run as standalone once, which is required in order to install its own ReWire engine.

Launching Live as standalone is required also each time you switch between different Live versions (between 32-bit and 64-bit, or between Live 8 and Live 9 for example).

Close the ReWire Host (Master) and restart Live. Once the application has started, you can close it again and launch the ReWire Master. At this point, launching Live next should have the application start as ReWire Slave.

  • The third reason for Live not launching as a ReWire Slave would be that the Host requires you to activate the ReWire engine before launching the Slave application. This would be the case for Cubase, Logic X, Reaper and Pro Tools.

Note: For Windows users, both the ReWire Master and Slave may need to be run in administrator mode to successfully ReWire. To launch a program as Administrator, please see this guide. 

For Mac users, Live may also request admin privileges when first trying to configure the ReWire engine, as access to the system configuration is temporarily required. Simply enter in the admin password to overcome this step when Live asks you to do so. 

Using Live as ReWire Master

In Live, no action needs to be taken to enable ReWire: just launch Live and then the audio application you wish to use as ReWire Slave, and this should automatically ReWire itself to Live.

If this does not work, we recommend referring to your ReWire Slave application manual to further troubleshoot the issue.

Further information

For ReWire problems with Live 8 on OS X Mavericks, please make sure to be running Live 8.4.2 or above. The latest installer of Live can be downloaded from your Ableton User Account

For more information on specific ReWire related issues, please click on the ReWire tag here below to list all the available sources from the Ableton Help page.