Live 9 Beta FAQ

Can I participate in the Live 9 Beta?

You can participate if you own a Live 9 Suite, Standard, Intro, or Lite license.

Where can I read the beta release notes?

You can find the latest updates on our beta release notes page.

Where can I download the Live 9 Beta?

We use the Centercode bugtracking system to collect and maintain any reports related to the Beta, and this is also where we offer Live 9 Beta downloads. 

What do I have to keep in mind when using the Live 9 Beta?

There are no specific limitations, but usage data collection and automatic updates are always enabled in the beta version. Depending on your license, the Beta may come with feature limitations.

Is the Live 9 Beta stable?

Although beta versions contain bugfixes and other improvements, they have not been tested as thoroughly as official releases. So if you do critical studio or performance work, you might want to stay with a release version of Live 9.

Will I be able to use Live Sets created with Live 9 Beta?

Live Sets created with the Live 9.7 Beta are cannot be opened in any earlier Live version.

Can I have Live 9 and Live 9 Beta installed on the same machine?

Yes, the Live 9 Beta installation will not affect the regular Live 9 installation. 

Where do I report problems related to the Live 9 Beta?

Please report any problems in the Live 9 Beta bugtracking system so that everybody gets the most out of the beta. Avoid contacting regular Support channels regarding beta bugs and problems or posting them in the official Ableton forums. 

I was using an older beta version. Will it automatically update?

Earlier Live 9 Beta versions will automatically update to subsequent beta versions. If your previous Beta version is older than 9.6, you will have to manually install the latest Live 9 Beta version using the download links in the Live 9 Beta bugtracking system.  

Why can't I log in to the beta system?

The beta system and your Ableton user account are separate. You can't just use your regular user data. Instead, you'd need to create a new account in the beta system.

I've lost my log-in for the Live 9 Beta bugtracking system. Who can I contact?

Please use the Lost My Password retrieval function on the log-in page first.