Live 9 Lite "saving and exporting deactivated"

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: All

Users of previous Live Lite versions may experience difficulties opening their Live project in Live 9 Lite. This is due to a changed feature set.

Saving and exporting will be deactivated when opening a Live Set which contains features that are not available in Live 9 Lite.

For Live Lite 8 users, we recommend to keep Live Lite 8 installed on the computer and to continue working on existing projects in Live Lite 8. New projects can be started with Live 9 Lite.

Note however that Live Sets from previous Live Lite versions can be opened in Live 9 Lite as long as they fit within the feature set of Live 9 Lite. Live Sets can be opened in Live Lite 8 and adjusted by removing features according to the feature chart of Live 9 Lite. Once saved, those projects will open in Live 9 Lite. Please note that files saved with Live 9 can't be opened in Live 8 anymore.