Working with the browser

  • Live Versions: Live 9 Suite, Standard, Intro, and Lite
  • Operating System: ALL

To understand the new browser in Live 9, it is a good idea to get familiar with the different locations where Live sounds and presets are stored.

Browser Categories

The Live 9 browser is organized into a number of Categories, each of them including a specific type of content, like Sounds, Drum Racks, Plugins and much more. Many of these categories will be pre-filled with presets, sounds, and devices that are part of Live's core library which is installed with Live.

Lite Browser-core2.png

An overview of the Live 9 browser categories

User Library

The User Library is the default location for items you save yourself, including default presets, Grooves, your personalized Racks and Device presets, your own samples, Live Clips, etc.

Files that you save to your User Library will also be available in the appropriate Categories labels.

Follow this link to find out how to manage the User Library in Live 9.

In order to get to know the browser categories, we invite you to read more  in this dedicated chapter from the Live 9 manual.

Adding your sounds to the Live 9 browser

To preview and load your own Samples or Live Sets from the Live 9 browser, it is first necessary to add them as "Places".


The Live 9 Places section

To add a folder to Places, you can either click on the "Add Folder" label, or drag and drop a Folder from your Operating System's file browser onto this section of the Live 9 browser.

Only content which Live can "use" will be listed here. This includes audio files, Live Sets and Live Presets.  Note that shortcuts to files or folders will not be shown.

Factory Packs

This is the directory where all the Packs that can be purchased from the Ableton store are installed, and it can be configured from Preferences → Library → Installation Folder for Factory Packs.

Each Pack appears as a folder in the browser's Packs label, and can be unfolded to reveal that Pack’s contents. Presets, Samples, and Live Clips installed by Packs will also appear in the appropriate Categories labels.

For a deeper knowledge of the Live 9 browser, please visit the dedicated FAQ section on the Ableton Help Page.