Installing Live Lite (Mac)

The Live Lite installer can be downloaded from the Live Lite product page.

For installation instructions, watch the video below and follow along step-by-step.


Open the Ableton Live Lite dmg file in order to copy the application to your system drive. To do so, navigate to the downloaded .dmg file in your "Downloads" folder and double click on it.

OSX install dmg2.png

Next, you will be asked to accept the End User License Agreement. Click on "Agree" to proceed.

OSX install 1.png

OS X will now check the integrity of the package. This operation should take only a few seconds.

OSX install 2.png

Once the .dmg file has been verified, a Finder window will pop up showing the Live 9 Lite application icon and a shortcut to your "Applications" folder.

Just drag the Live 9 Lite icon over that folder and wait until it has been copied over.

OSX install 3.png

Finally, make sure to unmount the Live 9 Lite disk image by clicking on the "Eject" symbol next to it in the sidebar.

OSX unmount dmg.png

Loading Live 9 Lite

To launch Live, you can open your Applications folder and double click the program file.

By dragging the application onto the OS X Dock, you can add a shortcut to it.

Finally, you can also launch the program by searching for it in "Spotlight" (Cmd+Spacebar). Usually, typing the first letters of the program name will already display the application as the first search result.


Authorizing Live 9 Lite

When launching Live for the first time, the program will prompt you to authorize.

Authorizing online is the easiest way to authorize, as Live connects directly to the Ableton server and authorizes automatically.

For this, you will need internet access for the computer on which you have installed Live. You will be guided through the authorization process by Live.


When the Authorization dialog opens, click "Authorize with".

Your web browser will open and take you to, where you will be prompted to log in to your Ableton user account (or create a user account if you don't have one yet): at this point, you will be able to register and authorize Live Lite in a few steps.