Installing Live Lite (Win)

The installer for Lite can be downloaded from the Live Lite product page.

For installation instructions, watch the video below and follow along step-by-step.


Before launching the installer, make sure to unpack the Ableton Live zip file. To do so, navigate to the downloaded file in your "Downloads" folder. Then right click on it and choose "Extract All..."


Now wait for the archive to be unpacked.


Upon completion, the enclosing folder will be displayed. Double click on the file "Setup.exe" in order to launch the Live 9 Lite installer.


Next, the installer will need to compute space requirements. Depending on your system, this operation might take a few minutes.


Once this operation has completed, the "Next" button will be available. Click that and you will be asked to specify the directory where the program will be installed. We recommend using the default directory, but in any case, make sure to choose a path located on your system drive (C:).


At this point, the installer will take care of copying all the program files to your hard disk. Wait until this process has completed.


Finally, a confirmation dialog will inform you once Live has been successfully installed. As shown below, click on "Finish" in order to launch Live 9 Lite right away (provided the "Launch Ableton Live 9" option is ticked).


When you want to launch the application later, you will find the Ableton Live 9 Lite shortcut under the Windows "Start" menu.

On Windows 8 you can hit the "Windows" key and start typing the program name; the application shortcut will appear and you will be able to launch it with one click.

Authorizing Live 9

When launching Live Lite for the first time, the program will prompt you to authorize.

Authorizing online is the easiest way to authorize, as Live connects directly to the Ableton server and authorizes automatically.

For this, you will need internet access for the computer on which you have installed Live. You will be guided through the authorization process by Live.


When the Authorization dialog opens, click "Authorize with".

Your web browser will open and take you to, where you will be prompted to log in to your Ableton user account (or create a user account if you don't have one yet): at this point, you will be able to register and authorize Live Lite in a few steps.