Setting up Push 1

  • Live Versions: 9-10
  • Operating System: All

To be able to use Push 1 you need Live 9 or higher, it will not work with earlier versions of Live!

Here you can learn how to get Push set up and working from straight out of the box.

Open the Push box that includes the following items:

  • Push hardware
  • A universal power supply with three adapters
  • A USB cable
  • Quick Start guide

On the front cover of the Quick Start guide is your Push serial number.

Once you have made sure you have everything, there are a few steps you'll need to do to get started.

Connecting Push

Plug in the narrow side of the USB cable to the port on the back of Push and the wide side to a USB port on your computer. Press the power button to turn Push on. Push gets power from a USB cable attached to your computer, but you can also connect the optional power supply if you'd like Push's leds and display to be brighter.

Push is automatically configured, so when you launch Live with Push connected, there is no need to set any MIDI preferences or install driver software.

If you are starting Live for the very first time you will introduced to the Live Demo Song. After checking this out you can select New Live Set from the drop down menu to load a new Live set in which you will have 2 MIDI tracks and 2 Audio tracks.