Why do my Live Sets open as "Untitled" in Live 9?

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: ALL

In certain circumstances, Live might open sets as "Untitled". When trying to save after changing these sets, Live will prompt you to save them on the Desktop rather than in the original Project folder.

The reason behind this is that there are a number of locations in the Live 9 browser that are treated as read-only locations. For example, in order to preserve the Live 8 Library usable for Live 8, it will only be linked in Live 9 and it's contents cannot be modified.

Thus, Live sets opened from such locations can't be saved back to their original Projects. Instead, Live 9 will treat them as if they haven't been saved yet and show you a location prompt when you want to save the next time.

Usually, the Desktop is suggested by default. But at this point, as the new location, you should rather select either the dedicated User Library or a folder you have added as a Place in the browser.

Please do not save, copy or move projects to any of the following locations:

  • Live 8 Library
  • Any previous Live Library (that has been added to Places)
  • Installation folder for Factory Packs
  • Core Library

Learn more about the browser and the library in Live 9