Browser & Library FAQs

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: ALL

Where is my Library stored?

Find out where the Live Core Library, User Library and Live packs are stored on your computer.

Where are my user presets saved?

Find out where your user presets are stored in Live 9.

Managing the User Library in Live 9

Find out how to organize the content of the User Library.

How do I find and install Live Packs for Live 9?

Find Live Packs for Live 9 in Ableton's Pack store and install them by dragging and dropping them anywhere into Live.

Live 9 Suite will require 50 GB of hard drive space. Does this apply if I already have Suite 8 installed?

The library of Live 9 Suite has been completely rebuilt in terms of preset content and folder structure, and therefore requires a separate installation.

How can I browse my hard drive with Live 9?

Find out how to access content on your hard drive in the Live 9 browser.

How come all of a sudden I have no presets in my Library?

Live 9 cannot read the Library database if another Live instance is already running.

When I have two instances of Live 9 running at the same time, the Browser doesn’t show any content.

Having two instances of Live 9 running is currently not supported.

Can I preview my user content in the Browser?

The preview function doesn't work with own presets, but works with Live Clips and own samples.

Will there be a Live 8 Legacy Pack available for Live 9?

There'll be a Live 8 Legacy Library available later after Live 9 has been released.

I have installed Live 9 on a new machine. How do I open my old Live 8 projects now?

Find out how to open Live Sets created in Live 8 with Live 9.

What do I have to keep in mind when opening projects made in Live 8 with Live 9?

Find here a couple of suggestions in order to open your Live 8 Sets in Live 9.

Can Live 9 handle my Live 8 Library? Will it be imported or copied? Can I still use it with Live 8 afterwards?

Information on how Live 9 can access and manages the Live 8 Library.

Can I install Live Packs from Live 8 or older in Live 9?

You can install your Live Packs for Live 8 or older in Live 9. If available, it is still recommended to install the updated version for Live 9.

I want to add subfolders from my Live 8 Library as separate Places, but this doesn't work.

Adding subfolders of read-only Places is not supported.

How can I load the content from my newly installed Live Pack in Live 8?

Find out a quick way to view and explore the content of a newly installed Live Pack in Live 8.

When I import my Live 8 Library into Live 9, can I access my already installed Live 8 Packs as well?

Live Packs installed in the Live 8 Library will be imported and can be accessed with Live 9. Updated versions are however available for Live 9.

Am I missing any Live 9 content? I can only see 30 GB worth of Packs.

The Packs page displays the compressed size of Packs.

Scanning of added folders in the Browser is very slow

Norton Antivirus can drastically slow down the scanning in the Live 9 browser.