Browser & Library FAQ

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: All

This page lists all the most common questions about Live's Browser and Library. Please click the titles to read the dedicated articles

Where is the Library stored?

Find out where the Live Core Library, User Library and Live packs are stored on your computer.

Where are my user presets saved and how do I manage them?

User presets are stored in the User Library. Click the link above to learn more about it.

How do I find and install Live Packs for Live 9?

Find Live Packs for Live 9 in Ableton's Pack store and install them by dragging and dropping them anywhere into Live.

How do I add content to Places?

Follow the instructions in the article to add your own content to Places for quick access.

Why are no presets showing in Live's browser?

Live 9 cannot read the Library database if another Live instance is already running.

When I have two instances of Live 9 running at the same time, the Browser doesn’t show any content.

Having two instances of Live 9 running is currently not supported.

Can I preview my user content in the Browser?

The preview function doesn't work with your own presets, but works with Live Clips and your own samples.

How do I access the Live 8 Library from within Live 9?

Information on how Live 9 can access and manage the Live 8 Library.

Can I install Live Packs from Live 8 or older in Live 9?

You can install your Live Packs for Live 8 or older in Live 9. If available, it is still recommended to install the updated version for Live 9.

I want to add subfolders from my Live 8 Library as separate Places, but this doesn't work.

Adding subfolders of read-only Places is not supported.

When I import my Live 8 Library into Live 9, can I access my already installed Live 8 Packs as well?

Live Packs installed in the Live 8 Library will be imported and can be accessed with Live 9. Updated versions are however available for Live 9.

Why is the download size of Packs different than the installed size?

The Packs page displays the compressed size of Packs.

Scanning of added folders in Places is very slow

Norton Antivirus can drastically slow down the scanning in the Live 9 browser.