Opening Live 8 projects with Live 9

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: All

All projects created with Live 8 should open with no problems in Live 9.

If you have used samples from the Live 8 Factory Library or from Live Packs, you may need to collect these with the original projects

Using the Collect All and Save function

Before opening a Live Set created with Live 8 in Live 9, it is recommended to load the project once more in Live 8 and use the Collect All and Save function from the File menu to include all the referenced files.

If you want to be 100% sure not to miss any content when opening the Live Set in Live 9, in the Collect All and Save dialog you should choose to include also the files from the Live 8 Library and from Live 8 Packs by enabling all available options.


This is the recommended way if Live 9 is installed on another computer.

If the Live Set contains large sample-based instruments, this operation might take a lot of space on your hard drive. Furthermore, if you have been using these instruments in a number of Live 8 Projects, redundant copies would be created in each Project folder.

To avoid this, you can add the Live 8 Library to Live 9.

Another way to avoid redundant copies of files would be to save a specific preset from the Live 8 Library into Live 9's user library.

This way you will be able to save Live 8 projects while leaving the Option "Files from Library" and "Factory Files from Library" off.

Saving a Live 8 Preset in the Live 9 User Library

The best way to save disk space and avoid redundant copies of the Live 8 Library content is to save the presets used in one or more Live Sets into the Live 9 User Library, then to delete those from the Live 8 Library.

To do that, load a preset from the Live 8 Library in Live 9. Now click the Disk Icon in the Instrument Rack Header to save it in the Live 9 User Library.

Depending on your Preferences settings, Live will copy the preset only or the referenced samples as well. Change this setting by opening Preferences>Library>Collect Files on Export.

Finally, under File>Manage Files>Manage User Library, you can check for missing or external files, remove unused files, and save the referenced files inside the User Library.

Using the Live 8 Library in Live 9

If Live 8 and Live 9 are installed on the same computer, you can first add the Live 8 Library as a Place in Live 9.

Now just leave the options "Files from Library" and "Factory files from Library" unchecked in the Collect All and Save dialog in Live 8: the content will be found automatically anyway when opening the project in Live 9.

See also: Will there be a Live 8 Legacy Pack available for Live 9?

Saving the Live Set with Live 9

When saving the Set with Live 9 later, you will be asked to save it with a different name.


This is to avoid overwriting the original document, so you can still open it with Live 8.