Accessing Live 8 packs from within Live 9

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: All

When you import your Live 8 Library into Live 9, Live Packs that are already installed in your Live 8 Library will be accessible from Live 9.

As they originate from the Live 8 Library, they will neither show up in Categories nor under Packs, but can be accessed via the Live 8 Library under Places. Here, they appear within the common Live 8 content structure.


If you don't want to keep on using your Live 8 Library, you can also install your Live 8 Packs with Live 9. In this case, they will show in the Packs section, appended with (Legacy) in their name. You might want to do this with Packs provided by third-party vendors only, since the older Live Packs provided by Ableton were updated and improved for Live 9. It is recommended to always download and install updated versions for Live 9 when available.