Live is crashing. What should I do now?

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Live crashes during start-up (does not start)

A number of issues might prevent Live from starting. Please read this dedicated article to find out which might be the cause.

Live 9.2: 

Since Live 9.2 has made some improvements to the plugin framework, certain out-dated plugins may cause Live to crash at launch. Please see this article for a full explanation. 

If you are using iLok plugins on Windows 10 and experiencing crashes, it may caused by this issue.

Out of memory issues

When working with the 32-bit version of Live, the program will crash with an "Out of Memory" error while working or loading a Live Set if the limit of 4GB memory is reached.

Find here more information on Memory-related crashes.

In order to recover your set and to prevent these kinds of crashes please read this article about RAM limitations.

Using the 64-bit version will bypass this problem. Please refer to this guide to find out more about the benefits and limitations of using Live 64-bit.

Live crashes while using it, but I can open it afterwards and keep on working

Make sure Live is up to date. Under Preferences→Licenses Maintenance, verify that "Get Software Updates" is active.

You can also manually download the latest version by either clicking on Help→Check for Updates in Live or by accessing your Ableton User Account.

Make also sure that the following third-party software and drivers are up to date as well:

  •     Operating System
  •     Audio interface drivers
  •     Plug-ins
  •     MIDI controller drivers

When restarting Live after a crash, Live automatically displays a Crash Lesson; there you will find instructions for reporting the crash to the Ableton Technical Support. When reporting the crash, feel free to include in your email further details about how the crash happened or which operation seemed to have prompted the crash.

Live is crashing while Quitting or Saving

  • Please update your audio and MIDI drivers
  • Try selecting a different audio interface (i.e. your built-in audio card) under Preferences→Audio and see if this solves the problem.
  • Make sure that all your VST and AU plug-ins are up to date.

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Older Live versions are crashing

Live closes after showing "The Folder Has Been Deleted" error message. (Live 5)
Live 7.0.16 or older crashes on OS X 10.6.

Requesting further support

In the event that, despite the advice on this page, you are unable to find the cause of Live crashing, please contact Ableton Technical support through this page:

Contact Support

In order to best help us find the cause of the crashes, please also attach to your support request the latest Ableton Crash Report, which you can find by following the steps in this article:

Where do I find Live's Crash Reports?