Crash after replacing the original graphics card on a Mac or Hackintosh system with a Radeon HD

  • Live Versions: 1 - 9
  • Operating System: OSX


  • Live crashes when launched.
  • The Apple DVD player also crashes when launched.


  • Live is running on a Mac where the original graphics card has been replaced by an AMD/ATI/XFX/Gigabyte Radeon HD graphics card.
  • Or Live is running on a Hackintosh system with an AMD/ATI/XFX/Gigabyte Radeon HD graphics card.


The layout of certain Radeon HD models is not fully compatible with the Mac system.


a. We recommend only using officially supported graphics cards. Here is a web-site with general information about graphics card compatibility on Hackintosh systems.

b. You can try the below mentioned solutions at your own risk:

  • Solution for Radeon HD 5450 on Hackintosh systems: add AtiConfig=Eulemur to the file org.chameleon.Boot.plist
  • Solution for Radeon HD 6850 on Hackintosh systems: move /Extras to /Extras.orig (sudo mv /Extras /Extras.orig) and then re-run multibeast to get the system to default back to the original drivers
  • Solution for Radeon HD 6870 on Hackintosh and Mac Pro systems
  • Here is a comprehensive list of graphics cards and how to get them to work on a Hackintosh machine.

Please note again: the problems mentioned here occur when using an unsupported graphics card in a Mac machine. Ableton does not offer further support. Please consider buying an officially supported graphics card in case the solutions mentioned above sound too complicated or don't work.