Differences between the download and the boxed version of Live

The boxed and download versions of Live 9 Standard and Live 9 Suite are exactly the same in terms of software content.

If you buy the box, you get the following extras:

  • A DVD with your Live 9 installer
  • DVDs with all your included Sounds
  • A printed manual
  • Stickers

The download version comes with:

  • A Live 9 installer to download from Your Account.
  • A PDF manual included with your installer.
  • The same included sounds as the boxed version available for download from Your Packs.

Please note that the following products do not include the license that is necessary to run and use Ableton software:

  • Live 9 Suite Box (no serial)
  • Live 9 Standard Box (no serial)
  • Live 9 Intro Box (no serial)