Fold function of the MIDI Note Editor

  • Live Versions: 8-10
  • Operating System: All

When the "Fold" button is activated for a selected MIDI clip, these key tracks remain visible:

  • all key tracks corresponding to a configured Drum Rack Pad, even if they don't contain MIDI notes, with the related Drum Rack Pad names (e.g. Crash, Tambourine)
  • all key tracks that contain MIDI notes, even for non-configured Drum Rack Pads, with the corresponding MIDI note names (e.g. C1, D1).

All other key tracks are hidden.


The "Unfold" view shows all 128 pitches available in the MIDI Note Editor with the corresponding MIDI note names (e.g. C1, D1).

Using this view, you can't see which Pads of the Drum Rack actually contain sounds, so usually, the "Fold" state appears more useful when editing MIDI for Drum Racks. 


With Instruments and Instrument Racks, the "Fold" view behaves slightly different, as these devices don't contain elements similar to Drum Rack Pads. Here, when "Fold" is enabled, the MIDI Note Editor shows all key tracks containing MIDI notes in the clip.