Using Max 5, Max 6 or Max 7 as device editor for Max for Live

  • Live Versions: 8.1 - 9
  • Operating System: All

Live 9

You need to have the latest Max 7 or the latest Max 6 version installed in order to use Max for Live with Live 9. Max 7 is the recommended Max for Live device editor.

Live 8

If you have a Max 6 license and a Max for Live license, you can use Max 6.0.8 as your Max for Live device editor in Live 8. Later versions of Max 6 won't be working in Live 8. 

If you currently have a Max for Live serial number but do not own a Max 6 stand-alone license from Cycling'74, you need to use Max 5.1.9 as your Max for Live device editor in Live 8.

Download links for both Max 5.1.9 and Max 6.0.8 can be found here.

Please visit the Cycling'74 website for further information or check out Cycling's FAQ section by clicking the links below:

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