Certain Tension presets are silent

  • Live Versions: 7 - 9
  • Operating System: All

Certain Instrument Rack presets based upon the Tension instrument don't output any sound after playing a few notes or when reopening a set. This is an issue of Tension's physical model developed by Applied Acoustic Systems. It appears at certain Velocity settings.


Unmapping the Velocity parameter from the Intensity Macro Control solves the problem:

  • In the affected Instrument Rack click the Show/Hide Devices button to unfold it and show Tension.
  • Click Map Mode.
  • Select the Velocity parameter on Tension's device GUI.
  • Click the Unmap button underneath the Intensity Macro Control.

Affected presets (excerpt):

  • Instrument Rack/Ambient and Evolving/Ambient-Enchanted Soundscape
  • Instrument Rack/Synth Pad/Pad-Air Pad
  • Instrument Rack/Synth Strings/Strings-Baroque
  • Instrument Rack/Synth Strings/Strings-Chamber Combo
  • Instrument Rack/Synth Strings/Strings-Orchestric Strings
  • Instrument Rack/Synth Strings/Strings-Synth Violin