How do I set up my Akai MPD24 with Live?

  • Live Versions: 7 - 9
  • Operating System: ALL

Control Surface Setup

  • Plug the MPD24 into your computer via USB.
  • Open Live's Preferences and show the MIDI/Sync tab.
  • In the upper section, choose MPD24 from the Control Surface Chooser and then choose Akai MPD24 as your Control Surface Input and Output.

MPD 24 Control SurfaceInput Output

  • Please enable the MIDI Input Port for the USB connection so that you can enter notes with the MPD24's pads.
  • Press the Preset button on your MPD24 and then turn the Value knob until you have selected Live (preset 5).

Usage Notes 

  • The MPD24 Control Surface allows the faders (F1-F6) to control the first six Track Volume sliders.
  • The MPD24 Control Surface allows the endless encoders to control the first six parameters of the currently selected device.
  • The sixteen velocity sensitivity pads on the MPD24 will play notes of a selected Instrument or a Drum Rack Pad.

Additional Info

  • You will see three MIDI Input Ports and two MIDI Output Ports available for the MPD24 in Live's MIDI/Sync Preferences.
  • It is only necessary to enable the MIDI Ports listed as MPD24 (not Akai MPD24) for the USB connection to be recognized.
  • The other Input Ports which are listed as Akai MPD24 are for the actual physical MIDI Input on the MPD24 and a virtual MIDI Port.
  • The two Output Ports correspond to the USB Output Port and the physical MIDI Output Port.