Setting exact BPM values in the Arrangement View

When drawing tempo automation in Live's Arrangement View, it's sometimes hard to set the envelope to the exact value. Live 10.1 and later solves this issue by using the Edit value context menu entry.

Here are three ways to achieve this in earlier versions of Live.

Using tempo automation recording

  • Set the insert marker where you want the tempo to change.
  • Make sure there's at least one automation breakpoint before this position, otherwise this won't work. 


  • Adjust the global tempo to the desired value.


  • Enable Global Record and start playback to record the tempo change.


  • The created breakpoint can also be copied/pasted if it is needed somewhere else in the arrangement.

Drawing automation with limited value range

  • Unfold Live's Master track and show the Song Tempo automation control chooser.
  • Set the Tempo Range Minimum and Maximum choosers to +/-1 of the desired value.
  • Draw the tempo automation.


Using clip warping

  • You'd need an audio clip at the position of the desired tempo change. This only works for freshly warped files and not for custom warp marker settings.
  • In the Sample Display of the audio clip, enable Warp and Master.


  • Type the desired BPM value into the clip's Seg. BPM field.
  • Disabling Warp in the clip's Sample Display creates a valid tempo automation.

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