Upload to SoundCloud - FAQ

  • Live versions: 9-10
  • Operating System: All

How can I upload a track to SoundCloud?

Choose the “Export Audio/Video” command from the File Menu and make sure the “Upload to SoundCloud” option is checked. After the rendering process has finished, you can log in to your SoundCloud account or create an account, set tags, sharing- and other options and start the upload.

It’s saying my track is “too hot” on SoundCloud. What does that mean?

This means there was an interruption when transcoding the file to SoundCloud. If this has happened, please delete the track from SoundCloud (not on your computer) and upload it again. Since the file was saved to your computer before it was uploaded, you’ll be able to find it on your computer and upload it directly to SoundCloud on the following page. If you’re still having problems, we recommend uploading the file from your computer to SoundCloud with the old-skool uploader. Check this link for more troubleshooting tips on uploading to SoundCloud.

I just uploaded from Ableton to SoundCloud. Everything was successful but when I checked my SoundCloud account, the track wasn’t there. Where did it go?

First, please check that the SoundCloud account you connected with Ableton is the same account that you usually use on SoundCloud. You can check this by logging into your SoundCloud account and looking for ‘Ableton Live’ under your ‘Connected Applications’. If it is connected, please check the ‘Your Tracks’ page. Still not there? Please check if the file appears here.

I uploaded from Ableton and now some of my older content is gone!

Don’t worry - it sounds like the account's quota has been reached. All subscriptions come with a set number of uploadable minutes. When you upload more than the allotted time on the account, the oldest track(s) will be hidden - not deleted. You can find this track by deleting other visible tracks on your SoundCloud account.

I'm using Windows and the upload to SoundCloud is not working.

Upload to SoundCloud is currently unavailable on Windows.