Should I uninstall EIC 1 before installing EIC 2?

  • Live Versions: ALL
  • Operating System: ALL

It is not necessary to uninstall EIC 1 before installing the new version. When installing EIC 2 over a previous installation, Live will ask you whether or not it should delete the original samples.

If you choose to delete the original samples, Live will remove the entire EIC 1 installation automatically and install EIC 2 presets and samples. If you choose to keep the original samples, the EIC 2 presets will replace the EIC 1 presets but no samples will be deleted. Choose this option to retain backward compatibility with Live Sets that use the EIC 1 content. Please note that this option will require more disk space than an EIC 2-only installation.

Please refer to the following article for informations how to make sure your existing Live Sets using EIC 1 presets will still work after upgrading to EIC 2.