How to increase/decrease the global tempo with 2 mapped MIDI buttons?

  • Live Versions: 1 - 9
  • Operating System: ALL


Set up 2 buttons on your MIDI controller to send the correct CC messages and map these using the 'Relative (2's Comp.)' controller type to increase/decrease the set tempo.


Set up your MIDI controller:

  • Configure 2 buttons on your MIDI controller to send the same Control Change number.
  • Configure the values sent by the buttons when pressed like this:
    • Set the value of button A (to decrease the tempo) to '127'.
    • Set the value of button B (to increase the tempo) to '0'.

Map the buttons to the song tempo:

  • Enable Live's MIDI mapping mode.
  • Click on the global tempo field, press one of the controller buttons (both will be mapped).
  • Set the Control Type in the Status bar to 'Relative (2's Comp.)'
  • Exit MIDI mapping mode.

Additional Info:

  • The range of the mapped tempo is determined by the Min/Max parameter in the Mapping browser. A smaller range will result in smaller increments/decrements.
  • To force tempo changes in integer numbers, set the Min/Max parameter to a tempo range by the power of 128 (eg. Min: 45, Max: 301)
  • This procedure will work for other Live functions (Volume, Pan etc.) as well.