Fluctuating BPM when running Live as MIDI sync Device

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

The term Host defines a computer or software that sets the tempo of a project as well as the transport functions such as Play and Stop whereas Device defines a computer or software that is connected to the Host and in consequence is following the tempo and transport changes sent by the Host.

Please check the Preferences Audio tab in Live and make sure you do not have the buffer size of the audio device set high.

With Live 8.2.5 the behavior of Live as MIDI sync Device has been improved. Furthermore, the new algorithm can now be adjusted by the options entry:


This option has different possible settings: 'x' can be n, g, b or a. This basically stands for the "quality" of the master clock signal:

  • n = normal: variable jump threshold optimized for not-so-bad clock signals
  • g = good: for very good signals (detecting small changes quickly)
  • b = bad: optimized for bad signals (very high jump detection threshold)
  • a = adaptive: using an adaptive jitter filter, no jump detection

Default is a.

Refer to the following article for further informations about Live's Options.txt file.