First beat of audio clip sounds different

  • Live Versions: 1 - 9
  • Operating System: All


When playing an audio file in Live, the first beat sounds muted or is missing some dynamics. This is particularly noticeable on kick drums.


Live automatically applies 'safety' fades on clip edges. These fades help to avoid clicks that can occur if there is no zero-crossing on the waveform.


Safety fades can be removed:

In Session View:

  • Disable the 'Fade' button in the Clip View's 'Sample' box.

In Arrangement View:

  • Unfold the track to display the Fades/Device Chooser.
  • Select 'Fades'.
  • In the 'Track Display', zoom in on the beginning of the clip and drag the 'Fade In handle' to the left.

Live will always create safety fades on audio clips if the option 'Create Fades on Clip Edges' is activated in the 'Record/Warp/Launch' preferences. This function can be turned off but it is not recommended - it might result in clicks on clip transitions.

Additional Information

This solution refers to Live 9. In older versions, it is enough to deactivate the 'Fade' button, which is available in the 'Sample Box' (in both Session and Arrangement View).