Live's Transport jumps back to bar 1 when slaved to a MIDI clock

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All


  • Live is slaved to a MIDI clock
  • If the master MIDI clock position jumps to bars greater than 1024, Live's Song Position Pointer on the slaved computer jumps back to bar 1.


According to the MIDI protocol, the Song Position Pointer is limited to 1024 bars.


On the MIDI clock master:

  • Disable the Song Position Pointer.
  • If the master is another instance of Live, enable PATTERN mode in this instance's MIDI output port.

Additional Information

This solution avoids Song Position Pointer back-jumps on the slaved computer. It is not possible to jump to any bars in the set of the slaved computer - this is because the Song Position Pointer is not being sent. The technical reason is the limited MIDI data resolution: Two data-bytes encode 128*128 = 16384 values which can address as a maximum 1024 (4/4) bars.