Error message: "A fatal error has occurred. Out of Memory"

  • Live Versions: 1 - 9
  • Operating System: All


  • The error message 'A fatal error has occurred. Out of Memory' is shown or appears in the log.txt.
  • Live crashes on loading, saving or when working on a Set.


Live has reached the limit of the available RAM.


This is usually only an issue if working on the 32-bit version of Live, which can only address a maximum of 4GB of RAM. Download and install the 64-bit version of Live instead, which can address a theoretical maximum of 16 exabytes of RAM - much more RAM than computers actually have.

If you only have 4GB of RAM installed, then you'll need to optimize your Live Set or install more RAM (if possible). For more information about optimization and memory, please see this tutorial:

How to deal with RAM limitations and avoid 'Out of Memory' crashes