Sets created in Suite cannot be saved or exported when opened in Lite, Intro or Standard

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

If you create a Set using Live Suite or the Live Suite trial using Suite-only features and then open it in Live Lite, Intro or Standard, the Set may open in Demo Mode, with saving and exporting deactivated. 

If this happens, Live will display this error message:

"This Set contains features that are limited or unavailable in Ableton Live [Lite, Intro or Standard]"


Also, Live's Status Bar may read "Saving and exporting are deactivated":


In order to save and export the Set, the Suite-only devices must be removed. If you would like to keep the audio you can Freeze and Flatten the tracks using the method below.

1. Open the Live Set and Freeze and Flatten all tracks containing devices which are not available in your Live version. Select the tracks you want to freeze, then right-click on the track and select "Freeze Track".

2. Then, select the tracks again, right-click and choose "Flatten".  This will remove all devices from the track, leaving you with the rendered audio.

3. Live Lite and Intro have limited scenes and tracks, so you'll need to delete any extra scenes and/or tracks if the Set exceeds the maximum amount.

4. Open Live's Preferences and go to the Licenses/Maintenance tab. Click on "Authorize at". This will open your user account in your web browser and then you can re-authorize Live. Now the set can be saved or exported as normal.

You can check the feature comparison list to see which instruments and devices come with each Live version. 

If you would like to upgrade your Live license to a full featured version, you can log into your Ableton User Account and visit the Shop to see your discounted upgrade pricing.