Opening Sets in Intro that were created in Standard or Suite

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

Live Intro has a smaller feature set than Live Standard and Suite. A Set created with Live Standard or Suite might load in demo mode or be slightly changed when loaded in Live Intro due to devices or features used in Standard or Suite which are not available in Intro. Likewise, opening a set made with Live Suite in Live Standard will result in the same issue occurring. 

When the above happens, Live will open with this error message:

"This set contains features that are limited or unavailable in Ableton Live ___"

Also, Live's Status Bar will probably read "Saving and exporting are deactivated":

Here's a comparison chart showing the differences between the three versions of Live.

  • If the Set created with Live Standard or Suite doesn't exceed any of the Live Intro limitations, it can be loaded, edited and saved without any difference.
  • If either or both of the following limitations is exceeded, the set can still be edited and saved as usual, but is slightly changed on loading:
    • Since Complex and Complex Pro warp modes are not available in Live Intro, clips that use these modes will load in Beats mode when used with the Set.
    • Since Live Intro only allows two stereo audio inputs/outputs, any additional channel routings will be muted (but can be manually adjusted to the two stereo channels).
    • If any other limitations are exceeded, the Set can still be loaded as read-only, switching Live Intro temporarily to demo mode, so saving and exporting are not possible.  In this case, we recommend the following process:
      1. in Live Intro, Freeze and Flatten all tracks containing devices which are not available in Intro. You can do this by selecting the tracks you want to freeze, then right-clicking on a track's title and selecting "Freeze Track".

      2. Then, select the tracks again, right-click and choose "Flatten".  This will remove all devices from the track, leaving you with a track filled with rendered audio.

      3. If the set has more than 8 scenes and/or 16 tracks, you must delete the extra scenes so that this limit is not crossed.
      4. Open Live's preferences and go to the "Licenses/Maintenance" tab.  There, click on "Authorize at".  This will open the Ableton account page in your web browser and authorize Live.
      5. Now, the set can be saved again.

Of course, you can always upgrade your Live license in our webshop, giving you the full range of possibilities of Live Suite, with no limitations.