iPhoto movies don't play correctly in Live

  • Live Versions: 6 - 9
  • Operating System: All


Imported iPhoto slideshow movies play sound, but only show a black screen instead of video.


The slideshow has been exported using the “Quicktime” Tab in the iPhoto export window, resulting in a file that can't be played by Live.


In iPhoto, slideshows have to be exported using the “Slideshow” tab instead of the “Quicktime” tab in the export window.

Additional Information

  • The “Quicktime” Tab in the iPhoto export window does not create a “real” video file, the resulting .mov file always only contains photos and a crossfade command. Those files can be spotted by checking the file details in the finder: The used codec will be displayed as “PHOTO - JPEG, Cross Fade, Integer (Little Endian), Tween”.
  • The “Slideshow” export window tab in iPhoto, which should be used instead, lets you customize all your codec settings.