Sustain pedal only works inverted

  • Live Versions: 4 - 9
  • Operating System: All


  • The sustain pedal acts and records “inverted” - it sustains while NOT pressed, and stops sustaining when pressed.

  • Parameters/Buttons which are mapped to the sustain pedal act inverted.


  • The polarity of the sustain pedal or the keyboard/controller to which the pedal is connected is set wrong:
  • Pedal pressed: CC 64 = 0, pedal released: CC 64 = 127


Sustain pedal values need to be: pedal pressed: CC 64 = 127, pedal released: CC 64 = 0
There are four options to change this:

  • Most pedals have a physical switch to reverse the polarity.
  • With some pedals, switching the polarity might work this way:
    • Plug the cable in while pedal is pressed.
    • Unplug the cable while pedal is pressed, then replug while not pressed.
  • Reverse the polarity in the editor of the keyboard/controller to which the pedal is connected.
  • A MIDI translator (e.g. Bomes, MIDIPipe) can be used to reverse the polarity.