MIDI notes play at wrong octave after MIDI file import

  • Live Versions: 4- 9
  • Operating System: ALL


When importing MIDI files that were created in other applications, they play back transposed one octave in Live.


A non-standard MIDI protocol was used to create the MIDI file. Live uses the standard MIDI specification of middle C (C3) = note number 60.
Pro Tools, for example, lets the user select either C3, C4, or C5 as a label for middle C. On Roland and Kurzweil MIDI keyboards, middle C = C4.


For best compatibility, the MIDI standard (middle C = note number 60) should be used to create MIDI files. Live's Pitch MIDI effect can be used to rectify this problem.

Additional Information

Whilst C3 became an industry standard for most DAW software, the majority of hardware manufacturers consider C4 to be middle C.