Freezing of multi-output plug-ins and routed MIDI tracks not possible

  • Live Versions: 5 -9
  • Operating System: All


When routing MIDI tracks from a track containing a multi-output plug-in, freezing these MIDI tracks is not possible and the message “The track 'x-MIDI' has no audio output to freeze” is shown.


Freezing MIDI tracks without audio output is not possible.


  • Insert the multi-output plug-in on a MIDI track.
  • Create several additional MIDI tracks.
  • Insert Live's External Instrument on each additional MIDI track and route it to the track containing the multi-output plug-in.
  • Use the 'MIDI To' and the 'Audio From' choosers of the External Instrument devices to create the desired MIDI and audio connections.
  • Freeze the tracks which contain External Instrument devices.

Additional Information

This is only a solution for multi-output plug-ins because plug-ins with a single stereo output are not available in the External Instrument.
Please note that the track which hosts the multi-output plug-in can't be frozen due to a routing restriction in Live.