Live specific file types

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

.abl = Ableton Note Set

.ablbundle = Ableton Note project (includes samples and metadata)

.adg = Ableton device group (contains Rack presets)

.agr = Ableton Groove (used for groove files)

.adv = Ableton device preset (used for individual presets)

.alc = Ableton Live Clip (used for Live Clips)

.alp = Ableton Live Pack (used for official Ableton Packs or user-packed Live Sets)

.als = Ableton Live Set or template set (used for Live Sets and Templates)

.ams = Ableton meta sound (used for user-created waveforms in Operator)

.amxd = Ableton Max for Live device (used for Max for Live devices)

.asd = Ableton sample analysis file (contains analyzed audio data)

.ask = Ableton skin file (used for Live Themes)

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