Pen Tablet Mode

Pen Tablet Mode allows graphic tablets to control Ableon Live’s user interface. Elements (knobs, faders, parameters) or functionality (e.g. zooming) of Live's GUI may be erratic when using a tablet unless this setting is activated.

In order to enable Pen Tablet Mode in Live:

Activate Pen Tablet Mode in Live's Preferences.

Live 12

In the Display & Input tab:


Live 11

In the Look / Feel tab:


Live 9

Live 9 lacks proper tablet support however this issue may be improved by adding the following line to your Options.txt file: -AbsoluteMouseMode.

Here's how to edit the Options.txt file.

This option causes the mouse pointer to remain visible while adjusting parameters and also causes parameter ranges to be adjusted over a larger physical area on the tablet. This option may also improve mouse behavior when using Live on a remote desktop or within a virtual OS.

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